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When I got pregnant in London, my husband and I were full of happiness, but also a bit anxious. We were new in the country and had no friends with children and no family around to share the wealth of the baby-caring knowledge with us. 

I was lucky to participate in Teresa’s "Hypnobirthing“ training. The calmness and the confidence of Teresa made me feel at ease and I thought it would be great to have somebody like her around for the first time after the birth. How happy I was to find out, that Teresa was also offering this type of service! My intuition proved to be outright as Teresa’s help was absolutely invaluable. She visited us daily in the first days taking time to answer the lists (literally!!!) of our questions. Teresa was very flexible in arranging the visits, but was also always available per WhatsApp/telephone if we had any ad-hoc questions. She helped me with the breastfeeding and showed us, how to bath our daughter. She monitored the development of baby, pointing out important things like the right positioning of the cot or the need to deal with the tongue-tie. She also provided us with all the necessary contacts to the doctors, health visitors and the general information about the medical service available in UK, as we had little knowledge of it. 

When my husband had to come back to work which involved a lot of travelling, Teresa stayed by my side, which gave me the feeling of not being alone with the baby. It was her, who noticed the first signs of the PND in me and helped me to fight against it. 

Now, our daughter has just turned 1 and life starts to look normal again. But looking back at those first stormy months of parenting, I don’t know how I would do without Teresa. I wish that every new mum would be able to benefit from such help and can’t recommend Teresa highly enough! - Assia ( Moscow)

Teresa was such a fantastic help to me during my transition into motherhood. She came to my home a couple of times a week for the first six weeks after my daughter was born. Her calm and reassuring nature always put me at ease. She gave me several practical tips on how to care for my newborn but most importantly gave me the confidence to believe in myself and trust my instincts. 
Teresa really helped me establish breast feeding and also guided me on how/ when to use the breast pump. She also gave me tips on how to deal with my daughters reflux including different methods for winding which really made a difference. In those early days as a parent it was so helpful to have someone who could answer our questions and put our minds at ease. 
In my daughters memory box I still keep a card that Teresa wrote to us when we had our last session. I kept reading it for months after as it was full of positivity about how well I was doing as a mother. It was her overall attitude and kindness as well as her expertise that really helped us all. - Samantha (London)

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