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What do you provide? 

12 Week Premium Package (12 visits)

6   Week standard package (6 visits)

4   Visit Lactation support package (4 visits)

Individual :

First Aid session

Baby Massage

Lactation Consultation 



Sleep guidance (for baby)

How long is a session? 

Each visit will be a minimum of 1 hour and often a little longer to ensure plenty of time with your consultant.  A breastfeeding consultation will take as long as a feed to fully observe.


What if I have a c-section? 

The first few visits will be arranged depending on your discharge. Your experienced midwife will be aware of the different recovery




Can I have extra sessions? 

Yes of course. Extra sessions can be provided and charged separately to the 12week package. 



What if I am on holiday? 

The 12week comprehensive package can be adapted to accommodate holidays or return to home country but will expire at 12 weeks. 



Do you provide this service outside of London? 

Yes. Newborninthecity have team midwives in other areas. Contact us and each case will be considered individually. 



Do you provide a nanny service? 

We offer a needs assessment consultation to help you figure out what kind of support would be best suited.

Newborninthecity has a small team who we can arrange placement with you via our nannys and grannys team.

We also work closely with select nanny agencies and can recommend upon inquiry. 



Do you have ante natal services? 

Yes. Hypnobirthing is very popular. Your first visit with both 6week and 12week package will also address your readiness for birth.



I have a night nanny? Won't she teach me what to do with my baby? 


Having worked for  almost 10 years in London with city professionals one of the common issues they discuss with me is maternity nurse/nanny support. Many express their dismay at feeling as though the nanny seems to be in charge of their newborn and fathers especially feel left out. Newborninthecity will guide you in developing your parenting skills so you feel you know as much as your nanny. You can still use their services to support your choices whether it be on swaddling or settling a crying baby, but you will be the expert. 


When do i have to book? 


We have found that part of your birth plan is to have your going home support sorted. You will be more relaxed and you will be more confident going into labour when this is settled. You can register with newborninthecity from 20 weeks pregnancy up until the day baby is born. 



Will my insurance pay? 


Many international insurance companies support this service under lactation support or postnatal support. Check with your policy provider. 



Do i have any say in the session time/date? 


Yes, you do. We will work in partnership with you. Sessions will be Monday – Friday pre-arranged either morning or afternoon. This arrangement provides continuity and working parents can arrange to be there as well. On occasion, it may be necessary to call in the weekend depending on your newborninthecity’s birth day. 



Will NHS midwife still call to me? 


Yes, the NHS midwife will call to provide newborn screening and postnatal midwifery observations. This will be one or two visits.

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