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Newborninthecity™ is responding to the growing need professional couples have when they become parents.  Many say " this is our first baby… we have no idea what to do with a baby" 

We understand this and know that for many new parents having a baby in London can be a challenging time.  Any nerves can be easily replaced with practical guidance, understanding and confidence so you can enjoy this special and exciting life event. Both mum and dad will have opportunities to develop skills that enhance attachment and bonding with your baby 


WHO IS IN our team 

Teresa Walsh Newborninthecy™ founder and lead midwife. Teresa brings her unique blend of kiwi attitude and professional wisdom in a kind and practical manner. Teresa has many years experience as a midwife, nurse childbirth educator and is a mother of four. Teresa is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and offers realistic and professional guidance.


Teresa contributes regularly to parent magazines and consults to international companies on newborn care products. You may recognize Teresa from her many television appearances as a midwife.



Your postnatal support midwife will hold a registration through her professional body Nursing and Midwifery Council. As well as professional competence, she will be a mother and will have maturity, expertise and a common-sense approach to parenting your newborninthecity. She will gently guide you in choices and skills that you feel are best suited to you and your newborninthecity. Many of our midwives along with personal experience in infant feeding have additional qualifications that may include lactation counseling, baby massage instruction and First Aid to parent training. 




Your dietitian will hold a registration through her professional body Healthcare Professionals Council HCPC Dietitians are qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and provide dietary advice for your changing body and that of your newborninthecity. Your session with a dietitian will be bespoke providing you with the most up-to-date scientific research on food and health depending on your personal circumstances. You may also use this session to discuss your newborninthecity needs as baby moves from milk to solid foods. 


Play Specialist 


Your play specialist will hold a registration through her professional body Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that babies and children engage and interact in the world around them. Play is the best way to learn. Our play specialists will guide you through easy and fun principles of play that you can use with your newborninthecity To grow and develop, babies and children need time and attention from someone who’s happy to play with them 


Womens Health Physiotherapist 


Your womens health physiotherapist will hold a registration through her professional body Healthcare Professionals Council HCPC Your individual physical health needs will be assessed and may include abdominal and core strength, Pelvic floor integrity and physical assessment prior to resuming sport and exercise. It is essential assessment/ therapy for all postnatal mothers.

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